Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Feel Great

Everyone I work with should watch this every day.  I fckn love it!!!


Liz and I caught Royksopp last night at the 930 Club here in DC.  While we agreed their act did not translate live very well, anyone with a graphic design, information architecture, or creative background will enjoy this video.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Darren Smith Art

Darren is a close friend who has been an artist since I've known him.  I will be at this show.  Join in.

Art Soiree: Hosted by Sandro & Tati

Friday, March 25th
7pm-10:00pm ($10 cover; RSVP to
L2 Lounge
3315 Cady's Alley NW
Washington DC 20007 (33rd & M Street)

Hill Wellford | 1933

There are a lot of Hill Wellfords around in my life these days, though I never met the one winning the race in the image below.

This is Hill Wellford setting a new record for the 440 at a time of 48.2 secs in 1933 (incidentally the current record set in 1971 by UCLA John Smith for the 440 is 44.5; the particular race is no longer run as the imperial distance has been replaced by the metric distance).

Hill Wellford | VMI |1933
I like this image for its composition, detail and history.  Also if you look closely at Hill's face, his eyes are cast down at the finish line just as he is about to win the race.  His stature and determination blows the Duke fellow away.  Below is also the annotation on the image.

Hill Wellford | VMI | 1933       Hill Wellford | VMI | 1939

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Essentials for the Home

When the weekend rolls around and I'm ready to kick back, there is nothing like popping the top off of one of one of these furry babies.

2011 | Details


Snapped this Spring rainbow a while back.  I am sooo ready for Spring.

2006 | Kendale

Photography | Travel

I took pictures of many properties and places during the last trip to Italy.  Someone handed me an Italian lifestyle magazine (Caesar, Oct 2010).  What do you know, they used my shots...

2011 | Details

JDB | Caesar Magazine

JDB | Caesar Magazine
Check out more travel information and experiences on my blog at JDB Fine Hotels & Resorts

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Elton Hailey

Last month, a good old friend was buried in Arlington Memorial Cemetery.

Elton Hailey, was a close friend of my grandparents and family in general.  During the preparations for the memorial service, I was handed a large stack of photographs from his WWII experience in the Pacific and some vignettes of his youth.  Seeing a few details of his past shed light not only on his life, but the times in general.

Visit my Flickr page for a better presentation of the images themselves.

Elton Hailey | 1920-2010

This street scene is not labeled, but it appears to be from the collection in the Pacific in 1940's.

Elton Hailey | 1920-2010

Hailey as young man.

Elton Hailey | 1920-2010

Seated, far left.

Elton Hailey | 1920-2010
High school yearbook, Abilene TX, 1938.

Elton Hailey | 1920-2010
Middle row, fourth from the left.

Elton Hailey | 1920-2010
Elton took this photo.