Thursday, July 29, 2010

from Perry

Hey, Todd

I've always thought of you as an amazing guy - you've proved that now. I know you will be well and strong and back out there again before too long. All the best from over here.

- Perry

Monday, July 26, 2010

from Karen

Hi Todd,

We miss you at work and feel so badly that you are undergoing such pain every day.
And although we don’t always understand why things happen as they do, we know that God is sovereign and faithful.
Cling to these truths, knowing that in His time all will be made right, according to His purposes. Our job is to keep the faith and pray – never ceasing.
And to listen to your doctors, nurses and physical therapists!!

Todd -you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, and I love the photo of you working at the computer. You are doing so well and thanks be to
God for this miracle of healing!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doing Well | Wednesday

This week Todd walked unassisted down the hall, though his arms are still not giving him much real use yet. His physical therapist is cute, no wonder he's doing well.

We spent some time working on the computer, which entertained Todd and helped some projects at work. Then I made sure he drank a shake with about 90 grams of protein it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Police | David T

Dear Chris et al,

I'm not certain if you are tracking the traffic on this site, but I want to assure you, Todd, and his family, that those of us who witnessed the incident are deeply grateful for the constant updates.

Today I contacted our MPD team to check on updates on an arrest. They are reaching out to the major accidents team to get an answer.

David Tumblin
ANC Commissioner

Chicken Soup | Karen B

When I make the soup again (soon) I will write it down, right now it's only in my head but here is basically what I do:

It's just a soup I make for my family when they are sick. It is homemade chicken stock, I used left over roasted chicken that I made the other night (fresh from the Amish market), sea salt, pepper, lots of garlic and fresh ginger, Chinese parsley(cilantro), a tiny bit of soy sauce. Oh, and whatever noodles I have on hand. (Wagon wheels this time but usually just short noodles).

I guess the key is good ingredients. Also taste it to see if it's right.

Karen B

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Evening | Todd Update

Before anyone vilifies me for "making Todd work" he was insistent on having a few minutes on his computer.

Anyway, he was doing very well when I saw him today. Good job, Todd, doctors, nurses, Leah, Autumn, Jim, Caleb, Lucky, and the entire support community who are helping him along.

Todd gulped down about a pint of Karen Buckley's excellent chicken soup today. He said, "My God, that's good! I need the recipe!" Karen could you please provide it to the group of people following Todd? The cilantro flavor was what made it.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Friday Mid-Day | Todd Update

The news continues to be good.

Todd emerged from surgery yesterday with nurses and doctors very pleased with his progress. The skin grafting is going very well, he's healing quickly and with less-than-expected infections. I spoke with Autumn, Todd's sister, who was upbeat and said that he's coming along well.

As for the details, the right hand and arm are being put to limited use with some basic tools and he'll likely be feeding himself shortly. The left arm has been grafted, and while it is not strong enough yet to use, there was no indication from the MRI that he has sustained an injury that would impede its use in the future.

That said, the hospital staff maintain that no visitors outside of family is still in effect. His hospital room is basically sealed off --the less traffic in and out of the room, the lower the risks of infection during his recovery. So far, the limited traffic and visitors plan has been working well judging from Todd's low infection rate. Todd says that everyone is "over-reacting" about the sterile environment; for some strange reason the nurses and doctors just won't listen to him.

I will post another report tonight after I learn more about his progress. Everyone, we have a lot to be thankful for as the progress over the last 3 weeks as been excellent. Many thanks for all the prayers, medical attention, food-deliveries to Todd and Leah's house, cards, Todd's ever-constructive attitude, and the grace of God.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cheers Todd

Cheers Todd!! This one is to your health and speedy recovery.

Monique, Laura D, Judy, Lizzy, Bill, Kasey, Stephen and Chris

Thursday Update

Todd was in another surgery today to clean and repair the skin on his arm and legs. The doctors have accelerated the schedule of surgeries since his progress has been strong. The past surgeries have been successful, though the MRSA bacteria that is prevalent in hospitals may still be an issue.

The physical therapists and doctors are waiting for the rest of the skin grafting to take before we will see how the left arm comes along (at the moment, Todd cannot lift it). The consensus at the moment is that if the bicep muscle gets more time to repair, the nerves may gain more traction, but it is really too early to tell. Since he can wiggle all his left fingers, I am optimistic, (then again, I am always optimistic --and given the alternative, optimism rocks).

I will be hanging out with Todd from 4-9pm tomorrow. I will update everyone before the weekend. We will be aiming for progress and good news. Thanks to everyone for their support, it's working.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday | From Jenn B

Todd's surgery went well yesterday, although he was in a lot of pain afterwards. They did some skin grafting. It sounds like he was in less pain today (this is all relative--the slightest movements cause him inconceivable amounts of pain). The jury is still out about his left arm, so please keep praying for him and sending him positive energy! More surgery is scheduled for Friday.

Yesterday they said his MRSA infection was smaller than they thought, which is good, but today when they changed his bandages they found that some of his other wounds are infected as well, which is bad. So far I think this causes setbacks but can be overcome--as soon as they get him out of that MRSA-ridden hospital anyway!!! Based on my limited understanding I think he'll be in there another 2-3 weeks. Otherwise he seems about the same--helpless and heart-breaking. Leah is still spending about 8 hours a day by his side.

Also food is still welcome, especially meaty delicousness for Todd! Thanks a million to Pete and Kate for the mountain of grub! They were both totally psyched about it and hope they can thank you personally soon!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday | from Jenn B

Please keep your prayers coming for Todd! Although he has made miraculous progress, he is still facing some major hurtles. He is fighting an MRSA infection in his largest wound, although word is that this is very common. He also still has several surgeries ahead.

A new concern also arose today: possible nerve damage in his left arm, which he has not been able to move since the accident. Leah is seriously worried about this. It may indicate a permanent injury. Leah is asking everyone to keep Todd in their prayers and send him positive energy to help heal his left arm.

The good news is that Todd is eating now, and in addition to bringing Leah food for herself and family we can bring food for Todd too! They are trying to get him eating lots of protein to heal fast. The only specifics I got were salad with cottage cheese or meat, although probably we won't need 10 of those! Sounds like the hospital food consists of canned vegetables and potatoes--not exactly designed to whet his appetite.

I'm sure any food you could contribute for Leah or Todd would be very much appreciated, and thanks to all of you who have helped so far. My impression is that it has been a big help for Leah to come home exhausted and know she can get a decent meal (and a glass of wine to unwind!). Please get in touch with me if you'd like to contribue and we can work out the timing.

Once Todd is able to fight off the infection Leah thinks he might be ready for visitors. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday

Todd and I spent the morning working a little bit with the computer (I did the typing since he still can't use his hands/arms), and working on his physical rehab exercises. The risk of pneumonia and infection lessen each day, and his strength is slowly returning. His mood is generally happy and light.

Today the Phys Rehab team had him walk down the hall of the hospital, which is the first walk he's taken since the accident on June 26th.

He's starting to talk about visitors, though Leah and his doctors still need to clear it. Thanks everyone for the support; Todd is waiting to convey a big thank you to everyone in person.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Todd Thank You | Friday

Todd is starting his physical therapy today. He had this to say to everyone last night.

He's coming along pretty well, but he has a lot of work to do. His lungs are better, and each day he's improving. Thanks everyone.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Morning Status

I visited Todd today in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We talked for about an hour; the first thing he wanted everyone to know though was how lucky he is to have such great friends and community support.

Breathing is chore since pretty much all his ribs are broken, but the rehabilitation team had him on his feet yesterday and there will more rehab to come. The near term is mostly getting him to use his lungs so pneumonia does not present itself. If he makes progress in the next 48 hours, he will be moved out of the ICU and into private room.

His mental attitude is proactive and aware, and he's definitely up for what's ahead of him, though he's exhausted from the last 10 days of medical procedures and recovery. Again, he asked me to say a huge Thank You to everyone involved in helping to save his life and supporting him during his recovery. He was literally in tears with gratitude to be both alive and the recipient of so much compassion.

Thanks everyone, keep the warm wishes coming.

from Diane Rehm

With best wishes on a speedy and complete recovery!

Diane Rehm

From Louis

With your positive and upbeat outlook on life we know you will get through this and move on to continue to get most out of life. Chris has very kindly kept us in the loop as to what has happened and what is going on. It was complete shock when we heard the news and even more when I read the details of what happened. It has been such a relief as the news during the week became more positive and that you are pulling through. Keep moving forward our thoughts are with you.

I look forward to more fun and shared experiences in the future.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

from CJ

You are truly inspirational in your recovery. Your strength is amazing! Louis and Tierra both ask about you often and even my Mom read's Chris' blog!! We all pray for you and Leah and send love and light to everyone who surrounds you in your daily care.

This drawing is from Tierra for you.

from Sean

Thank you for all your efforts in keeping us all up to date on Todd's terrible accident. It is fantastic to hear that he is making such an amazing recovery. We all know that Todd is a unique and wonderful person and we continue to hope and pray that recovers and thrives again. The support that is so evident from all the blogs and comments is testament to a great person.

Thank you Chris and please pass on best wishes to Todd from all the team at GlobeTrack.


Hit and Run Passenger Found

The owner of the car that hit Todd happened to also be the front seat passenger in the incident. The police are working with him, though he is not cooperating yet.

Friday, July 2, 2010

ABC News Report

Today, ABC news 7's Jennifer Donelan and Caroline Lyders reported the story about Todd Beckett on the 5pm news. Thanks ABC!!

For a link to the story at WJLA, click here.

From Karen

We miss you lots around here, and are praying for your recovery every hour of the day. It isn't the same without you here, so I pray that God grant wisdom to your doctors to aid your healing, for you for gain strength every day getting stronger and stronger, and for your family to have peace as they anxiously await and watch the miracle of healing unfold.

God has performed a miracle and will continue to watch over you. We all know you will climb this mountain to the top -- it will just take time and fortitude. You will be an inspiration to others as you take that climb; you have the physical, mental and spiritual strength to do it, and we so look forward to that time when the summit has been reached.

Don't rush it though, take your time to heal well -- we'll be here waiting for you and hope we can see your smile before too long.

Much love to you & Leah,


From Kelli

Todd, like me, is a healthy, active person, and I know in my heart, that he will not let up in his fight, to return to a life he had before, though maybe not exactly the "same" life.

Let us all help in anyway we can. Our prayers, and loving support is wished on everyday of this long journey.


from Sue

Todd, please hurry back! The status flipper is misbehaving and must be missing the love that only you can give it :)

My entire extended family has been checking in with me on a daily basis for the Todd Update and send their well wishes and positive thoughts. I stand in amazement at your speedy recovery to date and know you will be back soon and giving GT the love tap that it only appreciates from you!


from Amy & John

Todd, you are in our thoughts and we continue to pray that your recovery goes as quickly and as easily as possible. We have full confidence that you will "emerge victorious" from this ordeal!

Amy and John

ABC News - 5pm today

ABC Channel 7 local news will be airing a story on this incident this evening on the 5pm news hour. Jennifer Donelan, the ABC reporter who is covering the story, has done a fantastic job of tracking down eye witnesses and putting people in touch. Many thanks to the entire team at ABC for their effort in helping both Todd and the community in Petworth and Columbia Heights learn about the incident.

If you miss the broadcast, a specific link to WJLA ABC Video will be posted on this blog as soon as it's available.

Happy Fourth everyone! (the response to this sad incident from the community confirms that we do indeed live in a great country!) Enjoy the holiday safely with family and friends.

From Jen B

I've been coordinating food for Leah and Autumn as best I can for the last few days. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute and I can give you an idea of what they might need. I know everyone is anxious to help, but it will stress them out to be smothered with charitable donations right now, so I'm trying to ration out the giving. What they need most right now is breathing room and sleep.

E-mail: j+brundage (minus the e)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

from Stephen


Whatever it takes that I can do for you, will be done.


From Freda

Just a quick message to say thank you for all the updates about Todd on your blog. I check in several times each day and its always great to hear about even the smallest improvements and positive signs. I can’t (and don’t) want to imagine what he went through…and is going though.

We will keep the positive thoughts and prayers going as no doubt he has a tough time yet ahead. My heart goes out to him. When you do get a chance to talk to him, give him a big (virtual!) hug from us all.


from Pete

Thanks for creating this blog, I'm glad to hear that Todd's doing so well under the circumstances.

Leah if you're reading these posts and need anything from Kate or I, we'll be back in the neighborhood beginning this Friday so don't hesitate to contact me for anything. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Todd & Leah

Here is picture of Todd and Leah on their vacation earlier this month.

Thursday | Good

Todd is doing OK today. The fact that they are pushing him by lowering his pain medication is putting him in a tight spot. Medically, the doctors are still pleased with his progress.

Still no vistors yet. Thanks to everyone who has offered to prepare food for Todd, Leah and their family. We will coordinate some food drops when there is some regularity to the schedule.

Have a great day.

ABC News

Today ABC News 7 and News Channel 8 got in touch about the incident. Some neighbors and I gave a brief statement for the story. I am not sure yet if/when the story will air, but if I find out, it will be posted here.

Thanks to Jennifer Donelan at ABC news, the reporter who coordinated everything.