Friday, December 30, 2011

Chung King Selection

Here's a new mixed selection of music for you to download and enjoy...

The gist was to take synthy rock/dance/indie tracks pumped out of who knows where, and mix them into something cohesive: the beats range from 92 to 184 bpm, and are influenced by everything from post-punk, syrupy pop, to dub step, and nu disco.  If you get jangled by the faster tracks in the beginning, the last half is a slower ride, with some sentimental cheese thrown in.

Chung King Selection (Right-click the title to download)
13 Tracks | 47 min | Dec 2011 |  85 MB

Pop N' Gum | Superbus
Space and the Woods | Late of the Pier
Hear it in the Cans | We Have Band
Steve McQueen | M83
We Want To | New Young Pony Club
On 'n On | Justice
Girls Night Out | The Knife
Dude, It's On | Pigeon John
Amor Fati | Washed Out
Time to Pretend | MGMT
Cali Spaces | Mark Farina
The Ghost Inside | Broken Bells
Midnight City | M83

To get more of the good stuff, check out the other downloads on my music page.

Special thanks to Tom M. for surfacing some of the tracks.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Royksopp | Remind Me

Like infographics?  This is for you.

Acid for Blood

I loved the movie Aliens when it came out in whenever that was in the 90's. It was up there with Terminator II, except it was parasitic, acid-blooded monsters against lead-slinging US Marines and Sigourney Weaver on some distant galactic rock.

Adult Swim's stop-action series Robot Chicken supposes how an alien's acid-blood might be not be a helpful defense tactic.