Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From Isabel

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for updating your blog on Todd's condition and for the facebook group. As David mentioned, I saw Todd being dragged by the car that hit him, and saw him laying on asphalt, hurting and moaning. I have never seen anything so horrible in my life. I felt that I had witnessed a crime against humanity, and I haven't stopped thinking about him ever since.

Reading about Todd has brought back the feelings of anger and despair I felt Friday. Todd seems like an amazing human being and is surrounded by people who love him dearly. This makes me feel a lot better, because I know that all this love, care, and response from our community will hopefully help him heal, both physically and emotionally.

After thinking so much about him and now reading on your blog and facebook, I almost feel like I already know him, and I truly wish him well. As David told you, we live on the corner of 13th and Quincy, and we are more than happy to help with anything he and his wife need. Please let us know how we can help (food, picking up mail, watering plants, anything!).

I'll be following his progress, and once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Mishas Wishes You Well!

The crew at Misha's Coffee in Alexandria misses their best customer.

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3rd Surgery | Good

Todd did well on his third procedure according to the nurses. He has finished having the gravel cleaned out of his limbs and they are now putting him back together. The breathing tube was removed yesterday and he can say a few words. The fact that the medical team is very pleased with his progress is a relief to everyone (please remember that visitors are not yet permitted while he remains in the ICU).

Thank you all for all the support and many thanks to all the neighbors on the block of 13th street where the incident occurred, as well as the Prince of Petworth and the ANC commissioner David Tumblin for mobilizing the community. Your accounts, your pictures, and your care for the victim (as well as holding the accessories to the crime until police arrived) show a neighborhood full of character, integrity and compassion.

We'll need to throw a block party when this all over and Todd is back on his feet. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming!

From Felipe

When I was a child, I told my mother that I feared death while I was very sick in bed. She told me that stubborn weeds never die. I realized that I was going to be ok. The humor she placed on her statement cheered me up and gave me strength to go through it.

Todd like me is a stubborn weed. Indication of his humor is present; I can only conclude he will come through!

My love goes to Todd and his family.


Adam, one of the neighbors who followed up with MPD about the incident by email and wanted to know the response time of the police and EMT, said that the police recorded 12 calls to 911 in 74 seconds about this one incident alone.

From David (ANC 4C06)

Hello Christopher!

We all feel for you, Todd, and his wife.

I was not a witness, as I was calling 911. My wife saw him being dragged underneath the car. Some of the neighbors (two for certain) saw the immediate aftermath and were screaming at the car to not back up. One of them, whose name I don't know, I believe saw the actual impact too. It was certainly violent. His watch was a good 10 feet from the bike, and the visor from the helmet was a good five to 10 feet away as well. We can all be thankful the strap held together. The three girls who fled the car were clearly traumatized as well, but they were working on their story as we worked to keep them from leaving the scene. There was considerable anger directed at them until I could get the neighbors to pull back, so they would stay long enough for MPD. Needless to say, when MPD arrived, they were more focused on Todd's immediate needs than in interviewing witnesses, so it took some time. We have pictures of the bike.

Several neighbors want to send him something to wish for a speedy recovery. I can put you in touch with the witnesses for whom I have contact information.

David Tumblin
Commissioner, Single Member District 4C06
Advisory Neighborhood Commission

w: (571) 227-5045
c: (202) 731-0544

From Jen

Hi all,

I spoke with Lucky last night and she said that Todd is now off the respirator. That is huge because he's able to talk. He is even eating!

I got to talk to him briefly on Monday night with Leah and Autumn's permission, before I had to come back to LA. He shook his head "yes" when I mentioned doing a marathon with him when he has healed.

God Bless him and everyone. Please keep those prayers coming. God is working a miracle with how fast he is healing. I'm told the nurses are amazed.


From Collin

I saw mention of this blog on Price of Petworth and wanted to add my thoughts and prayers for Todd and his family. I live barely a 10 minute walk from this intersection and just received my motorcycle license this weekend.

I really would like to wish Todd a speedy recovery and all the best. Petworth and Columbia Heights seem to have strong communities so do not hesitate to reach out for strength and support should you need it.



The Prince of Petworth to the Rescue

Today the ubiquitous "Prince of Petworth" blog posted information and neighbors input about the incident that Todd suffered on Friday evening. Thanks for the help!

Visit the Prince of Petworth blog.

To Report Information About the Crime

Detective Scott C Earhardt of the MPD is investigating the incident:

"I can be reached at the below listed numbers or this email. Just to give you all an update. I have located the vehicle involved in the Hit and Run in Bladensburg Md. The vehicle is now being processed by our departments Mobile Crime Unit. Does not appear that the owner of the vehicle was the driver, however I am continuing to investigate all avenues.

The victim is listed in Stable condition at Washington Hospital Center. He has gone through several surgeries over this past weekend.

Any witnesses that I have not contacted, please drop me an email or give me a call. I am trying to confirm if their was one or two occupants in the vehicle after the three females jumped out.

I will be in the office until 10pm this evening and during the day tomorrow I will be at mobile crime but can be reached on my cell. Thanks"

Detective Scott C Earhardt
Metropolitan Police Department
Special Operations Division
Major Crash Investigations Unit
Vehicular Homicide Squad
501 New York Ave N.W.
Washington D.C. 20001
ofc- 202-698-0681
cell- 202-486-0236

Good Times

This image was from a couple weeks ago in Punta Ala, Italy during a vacation. Liz, Glen, Leah, Todd, Mike hanging out at sunset.

Jim H says...

"Todd has been inquiring a lot about how all the hospital gadgets work --asking the nurses about this and that. By the time he's out of there, the Washington Hospital Center will have a new website."

Information on the Suspects

30 June 2010 1:54 PM | David Tumblin Said:

MPD’s major accident division is working with the three people who fled the car (but not the scene) after the impact. We believe Todd was traveling on 13th with the right-of-way when he was hit by the car on Quincy crossing 13th. Other witnesses will have better infomration. MPD recovered the vehicle. They are working to identify who was in the car and who was driving. We will continue to seek stop signs. The pedestrian walk at Kansas, Quebec, and 13th is also under review.

Update on the Crime

Regarding the Prince of Petworth post on the hit and run.

David Tumblin Said:

All, I am glad to see this post. I live on the corner where the hit-and-run occured. My wife was first out of the house as I dialed 911, and she witnessed Todd being dragged under the car. Two female witnesses ran after the car. We also managed to keep three passengers who jumped out of the car after the crash from running. We are all in contact with MPD’s lead investigator from their major crash division. MPD’s local commander keeps us up-to-date on Todd’s medical condition, on the status of the investigation (information is not reported if there are still active issues), and on a review they are doing of the MPD and fire department response time. While 911 and MPD and fire records show a reasonable response time, many of us are now accustomed to a near instant and overwhelming response that we feel we didn’t see the night of the hit-and-run.

The overwhelming response of the neighborhood reaffirms how wonderful our community is, even when responding to tragedy. I will share what information I have with Todd’s friends. E-mail me at


Todd' vitals are improving and he is doing very well so far. He is awake and he's talking and he says he's really hungry. He's joking a little bit and his only visitors right now are still Leah and Autumn. So the news is good.

Still no visitors at all. The risk of infection is still serious. Thanks everyone for your prayers and good thoughts!!

from Torrie

Just wanted to add my two cents...... we all have known Todd for quite sometime and we know that this guy is a true warrior a fighter! There is no doubt in my mind that he will pull through this with all of our prayers. This is a guy who runs marathons for fun... got married on a mountain. Just keep the faith and keep in your thoughts and prayers everyday and all day. God always takes care of his children... and I know Todd is a true believer in the power of God. Chris... keep sending the updates... thanks.

Much love to all of ya'll... miss you - T

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I spoke with Leah and Autumn today around 2:30pm who were both exhausted but upbeat about Todd's overall progress.

Autumn said his daily improvement has been remarkable and that nurses are impressed at his healing rate. She also said his appearance is healthier, and he looks physically stronger than just two days ago. So basically all the news is good today. He's doing well, all things considered.

The doctors have explained to Leah that the less people that enter Todd's room the better, since the risk of infection is the single biggest risk. I am sure I have emphasized this too much already, but Leah asked that I mention again to hold off on visiting until he's out of the ICU.

Thanks for the prayers and good vibes everyone; they're working.

Tuesday Morning

There are no big changes today, which translates to "Todd's doing OK." His doctors are doing a big assessment this morning and after that we should have an idea of the game plan.

For now, he's stable (uncomfortable but stable). Keep the positive thoughts coming, this next phase is long and tough.

A group of folks have volunteered to prepare food for the family since there is a lot of time spent at the hospital and little time for much else. I'll be checking in with Leah today to see what would be most convenient. Thanks everybody!

Monday, June 28, 2010

From Mary E

Add me to the list of many well-wishers and prayer-senders for our boy Todd. YES his strength of faith and spirit and true grit will serve him mightily in these next days/weeks/months.

(that's Mevans to Todd)

Mike | Man of Stealth

Only Leah and Autumn have been permitted to see Todd so far, and even Lucky (Todd's mom) has taken a number to see him next.

How then did Mikey B find himself having a brief conversation with Todd this afternoon then? Mike seems to have connections everywhere.

After being told he had broken the rules, Mike reported that Todd looked much better than he expected: eyes wide open, looking around, wiggling his feet and acknowledging Mike with nods or shaking his head. Mike felt encouraged by Todd's appearance and said Todd looked as if he were fit enough to get up and walk away.

Anyway, the doctors have firmly requested that no more visitors try to infiltrate the ICU to visit him, he's just not strong enough for visitors yet.

...but Mike, thanks for the good news. Keep the positive vibes heading Todd's way everyone.

From Kai

Best thoughts and wishes from Oregon, Todd!!! If there’s anyone who can pull through adversity like this, it’s you!!!

Hold Off on Visiting For Now

Now that Todd is coming out of shock, he is dealing with a significant amount of pain and emotion regarding his condition and what lies ahead. The doctors and Leah have asked that visitors hold off on coming to see him until his situation improves. He needs all his strength focused on rebuilding.

And lastly, Leah and Autumn need a little rest. If you'd like to wish them well, please do it here or on the Facebook page for Todd. Their phones have been ringing off the hook and their voice mail boxes are full. Thanks for all the prayers and warm wishes, it really counts!


Someone inform Diane Rehm at NPR that she was the first woman Todd asked for. And for godsakes, don't mention it to Leah.

Prayers, Love & all of the above for Todd ...Facebook Style

Please head over to Facebook and join Todd's page "Prayers, Love & all of the above for Todd." He's waking up a bit now and I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from some good friends.

Just click here to join or visit the page.

The Washington Hospital Center

110 Irving Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20010-3017
(202) 877-7000


As of now, his room is 4H20, visiting hours are 9am to 8 pm but visitors are not yet permitted. We'll let you know when the doctors think it is safe to come by.

From Laura D.

I was on my computer at 8:30 this morning and saw your message. I am in AZ at the moment visiting my baby, & my kids. But I immediately forwarded your email to my church. Our Monday Night Bible Study is not called the praying maniacs for nothing. Todd's strong faith & strong body will get him through this. What is the hospital? Please keep me posted as to any operations, time of operation & date & there will be prayers before, during, & after his surgery.

Best wishes,


Monday Morning Status

I spoke with Jim today around 9am; Todd is stable after the second surgery yesterday. The doctors continue to remove gravel from his right leg, and at the moment that is the main area of concern because the damage is so severe. He will have more surgery today.

This morning, he tapped on his bed with his foot and the nurse was able to communicate with him. She said that after asking him a few different questions, he indicated that he's doing OK and "bored," which I took as an excellent sign that his brain and personality are well intact.

Leah and Autumn are with him now, and have been visiting with him for over an hour.

The police recovered the vehicle that hit him. No more information on the crime has been released.

From Janisha

My prayers and well wishes are with Todd – and may the Lord bless him, his loved ones, and all of those providing his care and treatment during his recovery.


From Karen

Dear Leah,

Prayer is so very powerful, and we are all praying for Todd to come through this most difficult time with the help of his surgeons, family and friends.
Todd is strong in so many ways -- physically, mentally and spiritually -- and he WILL come out the other side of this.

Please know we are all here for you, Todd, and his entire family.

May God watch over you and Todd as he begins the long road to recovery.

Much love,

From Glen

Thanks for the update Chris. Clearly this is a horrible accident and I have been keeping Todd in my thoughts and prayers. There are a few things that I know about Todd...

Todd is strong in his faith. I know that his love and belief in god will help guide him through this.

Todd is strong in body. He has run marathons, triathlons, and iron man competitions. I know that his physical ability to endure will help guide him through this.

Todd is strong in family and friends. We will stand by him, support him and help guide him through this.

Please keep us posted. Let us know if there is anything we can do for him or Leah in this time of need.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

From Katy

From: Katy

Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2010 12:18 PM
To: Christopher Baer
Subject: RE: Update

Please give he & leah a giant hug from me and tell him ive got a bunch of crazy southern baptists praying for him now... If you want anyone praying for you - its these guys!! Much love to all!!


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From: Christopher Baer

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To: JDB All

Subject: Update

Jim said Todd is doing well. Doctors are pleased with his immediate progress. He opened his eyes and saw Leah. More surgery today perhaps. Heading to hospital with a pizza now.

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From Anna

Hi Chris,

Thank you for this difficult update. I am still in a state of shock just as everybody else I am sure. And I feel so bad about not being there, although I know there is little to be done right now. Please keep me posted on the progress. I hope to be able to visit Todd as soon as I get back. I fly in Wednesday evening, and the visiting hours may be over by then, but maybe Thursday depending on Todd's condition. I will follow your advice on what's best to do. My whole family is praying for Todd. Please give Leah a hug from me.



From Freda & Sean

Everyone is praying for Todd.


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From: freda
Date: June 27, 2010 7:17:35 PM GMT+01:00
To: "Judith
Subject: Re: Fwd: Todd Needs You

Oh Judy. What awful news. What can I say...I will pray my heart out for him. He has to get through. Please keep in touch as you can.

Freda and Sean.

From: Judith
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 15:22:44 +0100
To: Freda McEnroe
Subject: Fwd: Todd Needs You

Hi Freda -

Knowing that you all love Todd as much as we do, I thought you would want to know this terrible news. We need all the prayers we can gather.


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Begin forwarded message:
From: "Christopher Baer"
Date: June 27, 2010 11:57:08 AM GMT+01:00
To: "JDB All"
Subject: Todd Needs You

Todd was involved in a very serious accident on Friday evening. Two blocks from his home, while at a stop sign on his motorcycle he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. He is currently at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC fighting for his life. While his head, face, neck and spine seem to be OK, his ribs lungs and heart took a beating as did his entire right side.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he needs your support now. We all know that if anyone can pull through a tough challenge and inspire people on the other side, Todd can. I will update you when I know more.


From Judy

There are so many prayers going to The Man upstairs, he couldn't possibly ignore them. Tell Todd more people than he ever knew about are praying for his full recovery. Give him lots of love from me.


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On Jun 27, 2010, at 4:29 PM, Christopher Baer

> Jim said Todd is doing well. Doctors are pleased with his immediate
> progress. He opened his eyes and saw Leah. More surgery today perhaps.
> Heading to hospital with a pizza now.
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From Lara

From: lara
Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2010 2:00 PM
To: Christopher Baer
Cc: Judy Baer; R_H Mayer; Fred Lopez
Subject: Fw: Todd Needs You


Katy forwarded your message. Why one human being would deliberately do this to another is beyond my understanding. I want you to know Robert and I will continue to think positive, healing, supportive thoughts. I know David Simon is working magic and sending healing mojo from upstairs.

Todd has many more mountains to climb, races to run, samba's to swing to, bathrooms to clear out, pigs to roast, wines to enjoy and songs to whistle; his good work in this world is not finshed.

Please let Todd know we're pulling for Team Beckett.

Lara & Robert

Sunday June 27 | Todd Update

Today went a little better.

The physician who initially accepted Todd’s mangled body into the trauma unit was surprised to see his quick progress. The measures to regulate his heart have been removed so it can go on its own and the assistance to his lungs has been ratcheted down also. The surgery yesterday to repair his right leg seemed to go well, and he is in surgery again now to address other issues of his arms.

He is still facing serious obstacles with grafting skin and the risk of possible infection, but the immediate danger of his system giving out entirely seems to be subsiding. Fortunately his head and spine seem to be OK and there has been no mention of possible paralysis or cognitive damage. Last night he woke up briefly to see Leah in his room, which must have been an enormous comfort to him.

Leah and Todd have had half a dozen friends and family arrive from out of town, and the out-pouring of good wishes arriving by both email and text message are fantastic. Prayer groups have been mobilized and people are really working for him.

So please keep it up everyone, it seems to be working. I know he’ll tell you how much he appreciates it when he’s able.


Saturday June 26th | Todd Update

Todd was involved in a very serious accident on Friday evening. Two blocks from his home, while at a stop sign on his motorcycle he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. He is currently at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC fighting for his life. While his head, face, neck and spine seem to be OK, his ribs lungs and heart took a beating as did his entire right side.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he needs your support now. We all know that if anyone can pull through a tough challenge and inspire people on the other side, Todd can. I will update you when I know more.

More details:

Todd was not just struck by the hit and run driver, but dragged ¾ of a city block by the same vehicle. The details are vague but it is evident the driver would not stop dragging him, and frankly, this makes me want to cry when I think about what he went through during that experience.

I spoke with one of the witnesses yesterday who said that at the time of the incident, they heard someone screaming in the street and ran outside to find him lying directly in front of their row house. He was attempting to get up, but the right front part of his leg was worn to the bone, and his right hand had lost two fingers. Then he fell back to the ground and when paramedics arrived his lungs collapsed. He suffered multiple breaks on multiple ribs, a bruised heart, a broken arm, and lots of loss of skin. When I went back to the scene during the day, I filmed a movie showing a 150-200 ft strip of blood down the middle of the street.

The doctors are trying to save his life by grafting skin, and he has a very tough fight in front of him. They said that yesterday was a good day in surgery considering the severity of his condition.

Naturally Leah is completely shattered. She had seen Todd leave the house just prior to the accident (which occurred two and half blocks away) on Thirteenth and Quincy NW.