Monday, July 25, 2011


...Hammer time.


Be advised...

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Hot? No Way

Regarding the Post Article about the heat wave.

Mr. Freedman: You can't fool anyone with these fake heatwave articles.  Carbon's existence on the periodic table is total hoax. And even if it was real, it couldn't possibly float in the air.

But, let's just say you're right.  And if you're right, bigger and better-air conditioned SUV's will be needed to transport our citizens in comfort as the planet grows hotter. I have dispatched a team of highly-paid lobbyists to "work with" law-makers to secure the on-going subsidies for those SUV's. And to do that, the US debt ceiling should be raised, and frankly, education's bloated budget must be brought under control as a part of that package.

Friday, July 22, 2011

QR Codes Are Ugly

QR Code, anyone?  Music?


I don't love QR (Quick Response) codes much.  I appreciate how they can be useful:
  • Nothing like scanning a produce item in the grocery store to find the back-story on just how organic it is and perhaps even "following it" on fb as it is juiced by another customer later that day
  • Being in an airport and scanning a code while on the move to learn of a nearby deal, value or offer.  Then becoming excited that they QR code enticed me to purchase a Brookstone travel pillow as a result ---that I will never use again
  • Standing in line for a lunch, becoming bored of staring at my mobile phone, and then looking up to see a QR code, and then becoming suddenly un-bored of my phone again as I scan the code to find out the salad bar has its own community that I should become a fan off.
But even if they could provide consistently useful information at the point in time and place that it is needed, I can't get past that we're just bar-coding life's experiences with something ugly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Spice

Remember the Old Spice man of the 80's?  --some sailing guy coming home to his waiting lady?  I do, vaguely.  Thanks to YouTube a refresher is available.

In context to that, the ad campaign of 2010 seriously cracks me up, even now.  I wish the recent campaign could be mailed anonymously (by time machine) back to the previous ad executives of the 70's and 80's.