Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspirational Posters

It has been a while, but some of these inspirational posters and images still cut the mustard.

New and Old

Haiku from Back in the Day

Liz wrote these while I was away in Ireland in '04

Dog waits anxiously
When will we begin our walk?
Only I can say

Warm between my hands
Da Earl Grey steams a white mist
It’s cold outside

Pink light glows dimly
Behind the stand of cedars
The day breathes goodbye

The air is just cool enough
To give me goosebumps

And I penned this one while in Ireland with my Dad.

Driving with my Dad
Countryside is roaring by
Whoa, slow down big guy

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gotta Dog

We've been looking.  And through the Humane Society, we found one.


2011 | Family | August

...and so after the previous post, we have a dog.

Compassion and Companionship

This shot, which I snapped in Paris a couple months back, really got me...

2011 | Details | Feb


This past weekend, I snapped this butterfly.  Not a bad site for a lunch break.  Click on this image to see it larger...
2011 | Kendale | August

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

South Africa | Innovation

Bartender, shot of rum please.  In fact, throw a bag out to everyone, on me.

So it turns out that you can buy rum in South Africa in the same packaging you might find, say, Heinz ketchup or soy sauce.  It has flames on the package, so my guess is you can cook with it too.

Details | 2011


Oh yes, I'm real.  Check me out!

[click on me, to see me bigger]

2011 Kendale | July

Mmm Schlitz

2011 Details | July

Oh please, you don't have to over-sell me.  It's Schlitz.

2011 Details | July


Tinted windows.  Blue-purple mat paint job.  Rear sun visor.  Smashed-in passenger side door.

Does it get any more real than this?

\2011 Details | July

Forrester - Fire up the CXM!

First off, I like and respect Forrester Research.  Multitudes of important decisions are based off of their findings each day.

I just got hold of the recent Forrester paper on enterprise management of content, which is admittedly a risky and expensive subject for large enterprises.  The report analyzes software platforms and how best they meet the needs of content management, governance, distribution, etc.

In particular, this report, which goes for a tidy a la cart price of $2,495, presented a summary graphic about the aforementioned subject.  The graphic depicts CXM (Customer Experience Management) as the central hub of an efficient machine interacting with a variety of components.

Step 1
Build and configure the machine as depicted.  Check.

Step 3
Fire up the CXM.  All systems go.

Step 3
Dammit, wait, that was not supposed to happen.  Phil, get the CXM strategy and engineering team in here.

OK, so the graphic probably came from PowerPoint or something, but seriously.  If you're gonna depict your key concept as gears, don't arrange them like that.