Sunday, October 31, 2010

Painting | Process

There are about 6-8 more paintings to complete in a very short period of time before my next show. Working under pressure yields results.

My recent works, say the last 15 paintings, are as much about the process of creating them as they are about the content, color and form. In particular, the larger paintings have many layers of translucent color.

These painting give viewers several different experiences when looking in the same area. The longer you look, the more there is to see, but it is not assertive.  At first glance, the people may look and think “that painting is mostly yellow,” which is generally true at a glance, and then underneath as people examine the layers, lines and marks and hidden color fields emerge also, so do shapes of under-painting that create resonance and contrast.  Artifacts and history of the painting show through and tell its story.

And if you don’t want to examine, you can relax with what’s presented at the surface --both are relevant. Though no metaphor is actually intended, it is similar to how I look at life.

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