Monday, August 1, 2011

Forrester - Fire up the CXM!

First off, I like and respect Forrester Research.  Multitudes of important decisions are based off of their findings each day.

I just got hold of the recent Forrester paper on enterprise management of content, which is admittedly a risky and expensive subject for large enterprises.  The report analyzes software platforms and how best they meet the needs of content management, governance, distribution, etc.

In particular, this report, which goes for a tidy a la cart price of $2,495, presented a summary graphic about the aforementioned subject.  The graphic depicts CXM (Customer Experience Management) as the central hub of an efficient machine interacting with a variety of components.

Step 1
Build and configure the machine as depicted.  Check.

Step 3
Fire up the CXM.  All systems go.

Step 3
Dammit, wait, that was not supposed to happen.  Phil, get the CXM strategy and engineering team in here.

OK, so the graphic probably came from PowerPoint or something, but seriously.  If you're gonna depict your key concept as gears, don't arrange them like that.

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  1. Hilarious! I think this is how I destroyed my '89 Civic.