Friday, December 30, 2011

Chung King Selection

Here's a new mixed selection of music for you to download and enjoy...

The gist was to take synthy rock/dance/indie tracks pumped out of who knows where, and mix them into something cohesive: the beats range from 92 to 184 bpm, and are influenced by everything from post-punk, syrupy pop, to dub step, and nu disco.  If you get jangled by the faster tracks in the beginning, the last half is a slower ride, with some sentimental cheese thrown in.

Chung King Selection (Right-click the title to download)
13 Tracks | 47 min | Dec 2011 |  85 MB

Pop N' Gum | Superbus
Space and the Woods | Late of the Pier
Hear it in the Cans | We Have Band
Steve McQueen | M83
We Want To | New Young Pony Club
On 'n On | Justice
Girls Night Out | The Knife
Dude, It's On | Pigeon John
Amor Fati | Washed Out
Time to Pretend | MGMT
Cali Spaces | Mark Farina
The Ghost Inside | Broken Bells
Midnight City | M83

To get more of the good stuff, check out the other downloads on my music page.

Special thanks to Tom M. for surfacing some of the tracks.

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