Monday, November 15, 2010

Cleaned Out

As I prepared and shipped out the work from the upcoming Richmond show, Rita, the stick-of-dynamite-of-a-mom-of-my-VA-art-dealer (Wizzie Broach) walked through my house surveying the walls, "Did you paint that? Can we show it?  And what about that one?"

Liz, my wife, was shadowing me and encouraging me to loosen up, "Remember when you said you should let art get out into the world?  Let her take that one, and that one."

"Well, sure...take it right off the wall," I said.   Me in my own mind:  "Oh what the heck... I love those pieces, but it's time that they made their own way in this world; they've had it too easy at home."

So Rita left the studio with more work than I anticipated, my house is now bare again, and the opening this Thursday will be strong.  I look forward to seeing you all there.  Here was one of the works added to the show (thank you Susannah & John).

2006 Paintings | Christopher Baer

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