Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hit & Run Driver Located & Caught

Detective Earhardt of the MPD phoned yesterday evening and announced that the driver of the vehicle that hit Todd has been caught. Earhardt mentioned at the beginning of the call that "fate has a way of catching up with you" in regard to the fact that driver was located in the ICU unit of a nearby hospital being treated for 3 bullet wounds in a gang-related feud on Aug 5th. He is expected to recover and is under 24 hour police supervision in the meantime.

On behalf of Todd & Leah, their friends and family, and the Columbia Heights community, many thanks to Detective Earhardt and the team at the Major Crash Division of the MPD for their diligence in solving this case.

We also owe Jennifer Donelan and the team at ABC a huge thank you for bringing this crime to the surface and helping to keep DC residents informed.

Now the US legal system will do it's job, and we hope to have safer streets and neighborhoods as we look ahead.


  1. Fantastic news !!

  2. And here is more good news! Just an update in reference to the hit and run at 13th and Quincy St NW. I am happy to inform you all that I, along with great assistance from the Bladensberg PD, US Park Police, and PG County PD, I was able to locate and identify the driver of the hit and run vehicle. An arrest warrant will be forthcoming probably Monday or Tuesday. I will continue to keep everyone informed. I am going to withhold the name until the warrant is executed.


    Detective Scott C Earhardt
    Metropolitan Police DepartmentSpecial Operations Division
    Major Crash Investigations Unit
    Vehicular Homicide Squad501 New York Ave N.W.Washington D.C. 20001
    ofc- 202-698-0681
    cell- 202-486-0236

    David Tumblin
    Commissioner, Single Member District 4C06Advisory Neighborhood Commission
    w: (571) 227-5045
    c: (202) 731-0544