Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday | Todd

Guess who is heading home soon? After about 40 days in the hospital, Todd's doctor's are considering letting him go home in 6-7 days.

There is still much recuperation in front of him since he has extremely limited us of his arms and hands. Doctors are considering the next steps for that part, but they feel he can return home safely and begin some of his more basic routines there with assistance and therapy from medical professionals at his house.

Naturally, those who are willing to pitch in to help Todd & Leah will be welcome also. I will check with them once they are homeward bound about how best fit friends into their evolving situation.

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  1. Special Thanks to EVERYONE reading, commenting, praying and supporting on this site. I wanted to take a moment and notice a few individuals that have made this ordeal so much better with their support and extraordinary efforts. First off, Leah and all she's done and the storm she's weathered. Holy Cow (it's a Midwestern thing), what a job! I can't say enough about how impressed I am with you and your resolve. Lucky, we all love you and think of you everyday. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You have been great. Keep up the great work. Chris, this site, your time, your visits,your heart - Todd is so lucky to have a friend as great as you. Caleb, keeping the home fires burning and your support of your sister will be remembered forever. Good Job, buddy - you've been great. Kevin, the floating supporter, always available for everything and anything. You are a great friend to all. Jen and John, how great have you guys been? Geez, you're practically members of the family. Everything you've done has been gold and you just keep giving. Much Love, we all appreciate it. And last (Not to diminish anything anyone else has done. We appreciate you ALL), but definitely not least, My Love Autumn. I pinch myself everyday ever wondering how on Earth I found you. You have shown so much grace, patience, strength and kindness during this time and all time. You are my Everything. I Love You so much it hurts. I don't mean to leave anyone out. Everyone has been great and I hope this community of friends, family and loved ones transcends this ordeal and we all become closer and closer. Thanks, Everybody.