Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final ABC News Story | Todd Beckett

Final WJLA ABC 7 story on Todd and the arrest of the perpetrator:

From Todd | Party

...from Todd himself:

Friends, neighbors, family, lend me your cheers. The time has come to celebrate life, the evil that men is oft interred with their bones, so let it be with Todd.

This party is a celebration of the fact that I am still here to raise a glass, but really it is about us all raising a glass to all of the friends, family, and strangers who have opened up their hearts and frankly without whom, I very likely would not be here. So please come join us to celebrate:
Saturday, Sept 4th
3551 13th st nw
What: Grilling, beer,wine. Two fingered piƱata. Check out all the cards everyone sent. Check out all my favorite scratching posts.

Who is invited?
  • Any friend who would like to see that I am still alive.
  • Anyone convinced I am still dead.
  • Anyone who wanted to, but couldn’t arrange a time to visit in the hospital. One room will be setup with florescent lights and terrible food to preserve the ambiance.
  • Anyone who sent a card, coffee cake, or casserole.
  • Anyone who has said a prayer for me.
  • Anyone who is reading this message.
Special acknowledgements go out to:

  • Leah Beckett – Wife, showerer, without whom I probably would have given up a long time ago.
  • Autumn Becket – Sister, care giver, queen of washcloth.
  • Christopher Baer – Police Liaison, iPhone Prometheus, and best friend/business partner a person could hope for.
  • Jennifer Brundage – coordinator of food and people, toof flosser, and all around great friend!
  • Jeneen Beckett – Lucko, zardog, still the butt of all the jokes so we don’t have to be.
  • Tyler & Karen Buckley – makers of the best chicken soup on the planet
  • Kate Buckholdt – doer of the hairdo.
  • Kevin Buckholdt – movie reviewer.
  • Jennifer Goldstien – She makes it rain ice cream.
  • Jim Hall – The quite pillar keeping everyone strong from day one.
  • Caleb Menzies – fixed the doors, locks, and generally is keeping the house standing through the ordeal.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome Home | Sept 3rd

Friday Sept 3rd (Labor Day Weekend), a welcome home party for Todd is on the calendar. If you are in town, please save the date.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hit & Run Driver Located & Caught

Detective Earhardt of the MPD phoned yesterday evening and announced that the driver of the vehicle that hit Todd has been caught. Earhardt mentioned at the beginning of the call that "fate has a way of catching up with you" in regard to the fact that driver was located in the ICU unit of a nearby hospital being treated for 3 bullet wounds in a gang-related feud on Aug 5th. He is expected to recover and is under 24 hour police supervision in the meantime.

On behalf of Todd & Leah, their friends and family, and the Columbia Heights community, many thanks to Detective Earhardt and the team at the Major Crash Division of the MPD for their diligence in solving this case.

We also owe Jennifer Donelan and the team at ABC a huge thank you for bringing this crime to the surface and helping to keep DC residents informed.

Now the US legal system will do it's job, and we hope to have safer streets and neighborhoods as we look ahead.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coming Home | Friday

Todd is coming home tomorrow. Today we found him on his feet in the physical rehabilitation center and smiling. 33 lbs lighter, but smiling. Time to get that appetite back, TB.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday | Todd

Guess who is heading home soon? After about 40 days in the hospital, Todd's doctor's are considering letting him go home in 6-7 days.

There is still much recuperation in front of him since he has extremely limited us of his arms and hands. Doctors are considering the next steps for that part, but they feel he can return home safely and begin some of his more basic routines there with assistance and therapy from medical professionals at his house.

Naturally, those who are willing to pitch in to help Todd & Leah will be welcome also. I will check with them once they are homeward bound about how best fit friends into their evolving situation.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Visitors Welcome | Monday

Todd is happy to see visitors now that the big medical risks seem to be subsiding. I visited him on Saturday and he looked great, was smiling, and had improved since the last time I saw him.

His hospital room is small, so only two visitors at a time can fit. And he still gets a tired during the day, so he asked to keep it to two visits per day for now. If my math is right, he can see up to four people per day then --morning and afternoon would work.

Jennifer Brundage has generously offered to coordinate visits for everyone. She can be emailed at:
Jennifer Brundage
j+ last name minus the e at umd.edu

Just drop her a line when you'd like to come. Have a great week everyone.