Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Liz and I watched/saw Social Network, the film about the advent of Facebook and what happens to its initial key players. The movie had a lot of geek action about writing code, firing up servers, traffic volume and so one.  And there was no lack of dramatization either (like the portrayal of Havard's elite club social events).

Zuckerberg is ironically made out to be a pathetic sociopath with few genuine social acquaintances and a one-track mind toward expanding Facebook's reach and positioning himself at the center of the the network.

In relation to that, this HBR blog posting caught my attention.  The last line of the article is a jab at the very Harvard drop-out who co-founded the Facebook empire.

What Is Facebook, Really?

Three remarkable realities account for the logic (and irony) of Facebook's absence..." (...Read more)

Mark Zuckerberg

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