Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chelada | Product Development

This product reminds me of the Pontiac Aztec.

It's want happens when product development says, "You know we have a lot spare (fill in the blank here) in the Ohio production facility, what about mixing it with all that surplus (fill in the blank here), and marketing it as a specialized product?"  God probably made the platypus this way.  The camel is a borderline case also.

In the most recent product development miracle of this type, Bud Light has teamed up with Motts juice to create the Chelada (which I incidentally tried before putting the can on the ground to take a picture).

I know the “Clamato” drink has always confused some of you (image attached below).  It’s clam juice mixed with tomato juice and bottled and sold.   A perfectly natural combo  - Clamato.

Now you can get that incredible Clamato concoction pre-mixed in a can with Bud Light!   Also added are lime and salt.  I was not aware that Clamato was mixed with beer to begin with.

The math basically works like this:

((Clam Juice + Tomato Juice = Clamato!) + Bud Light + Salt + Lime) = Chelada!

 In case you are not familiar with Clamato, here's a picture.

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  1. When I first moved to Austin I went to have brunch with some friends and was craving a Bloody Mary. I walked in to find my friends at the bar, so I ordered myself a drink. The bartender told me they didn't have a liquor license, but that she could make me a Michelada, which then turned into a debate about whether or not beer should be mixed with anything (let alone Clamato). That sh*t is plain old wrong.