Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Mid-Day | Todd Update

The news continues to be good.

Todd emerged from surgery yesterday with nurses and doctors very pleased with his progress. The skin grafting is going very well, he's healing quickly and with less-than-expected infections. I spoke with Autumn, Todd's sister, who was upbeat and said that he's coming along well.

As for the details, the right hand and arm are being put to limited use with some basic tools and he'll likely be feeding himself shortly. The left arm has been grafted, and while it is not strong enough yet to use, there was no indication from the MRI that he has sustained an injury that would impede its use in the future.

That said, the hospital staff maintain that no visitors outside of family is still in effect. His hospital room is basically sealed off --the less traffic in and out of the room, the lower the risks of infection during his recovery. So far, the limited traffic and visitors plan has been working well judging from Todd's low infection rate. Todd says that everyone is "over-reacting" about the sterile environment; for some strange reason the nurses and doctors just won't listen to him.

I will post another report tonight after I learn more about his progress. Everyone, we have a lot to be thankful for as the progress over the last 3 weeks as been excellent. Many thanks for all the prayers, medical attention, food-deliveries to Todd and Leah's house, cards, Todd's ever-constructive attitude, and the grace of God.


  1. Stay strong Todd! Godspeed with your recovery.


  2. Shanti and familyJuly 16, 2010 at 6:53 PM

    So thankful for your healing!! We are sending so many prayers your way. Your spirit is so strong and your mind so bright. You never cease to amaze me. May your body continue with powerful healing!! Much love!!!!!
    Shanti and family

  3. Dear Chris et al,

    I'm not certain if you are tracking the traffic on this site, but I want to assure you, Todd, and his family, that those of us who witnessed the incident are deeply grateful for the constant updates.

    Today I contacted our MPD team to check on updates on an arrest. They are reaching out to the major accidents team to get an answer.

    David Tumblin, ANC Commissioner, 4C06,