Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Morning Status

I visited Todd today in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We talked for about an hour; the first thing he wanted everyone to know though was how lucky he is to have such great friends and community support.

Breathing is chore since pretty much all his ribs are broken, but the rehabilitation team had him on his feet yesterday and there will more rehab to come. The near term is mostly getting him to use his lungs so pneumonia does not present itself. If he makes progress in the next 48 hours, he will be moved out of the ICU and into private room.

His mental attitude is proactive and aware, and he's definitely up for what's ahead of him, though he's exhausted from the last 10 days of medical procedures and recovery. Again, he asked me to say a huge Thank You to everyone involved in helping to save his life and supporting him during his recovery. He was literally in tears with gratitude to be both alive and the recipient of so much compassion.

Thanks everyone, keep the warm wishes coming.


  1. Todd,
    Stay strong, stay focused, and get well as we all keep you in our thoughts daily for a fast recovery.

    Looking forward to seeing the upcoming post that you've upgraded out of the ICU and into a velvet smoking jacket.

    If there's anything you, Leah or Misha need, do not hesitate to contact me!


  2. Hi everyone, I just got an update from Lucky. Todd is doing well. He got a skin graft on his left arm yesterday and they put skin "scaffolding" on his other arm and legs.

    He is being moved into a room in the burn unit today. Yay! He is out of the ICU! He is in wing 3E in room 7A. His next surgery is scheduled for Monday.

  3. One note to my update, I'm not sure if he can have visitors yet...there is still risk of infection. I only gave the room number so people can send cards, etc. Sorry!

  4. It's great to heard that Todd is pulling through so well. With every day there seems to be some improvement with is so encouraging.