Friday, July 2, 2010

ABC News - 5pm today

ABC Channel 7 local news will be airing a story on this incident this evening on the 5pm news hour. Jennifer Donelan, the ABC reporter who is covering the story, has done a fantastic job of tracking down eye witnesses and putting people in touch. Many thanks to the entire team at ABC for their effort in helping both Todd and the community in Petworth and Columbia Heights learn about the incident.

If you miss the broadcast, a specific link to WJLA ABC Video will be posted on this blog as soon as it's available.

Happy Fourth everyone! (the response to this sad incident from the community confirms that we do indeed live in a great country!) Enjoy the holiday safely with family and friends.

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  1. Chris - thank you for all your efforts in keeping us all up to date on Todd's terrible accident. It is fantastic to hear that he is making such an amazing recovery. We all know that Todd is a unique and wonderful person and we continue to hope and pray that recovers and thrives again. The support that is so evident from all the blogs and comments is testament to a great person. Thank you Chris and please pass on best wishes to Todd from all the team at GlobeTrack. Sean