Friday, July 2, 2010

From Karen

We miss you lots around here, and are praying for your recovery every hour of the day. It isn't the same without you here, so I pray that God grant wisdom to your doctors to aid your healing, for you for gain strength every day getting stronger and stronger, and for your family to have peace as they anxiously await and watch the miracle of healing unfold.

God has performed a miracle and will continue to watch over you. We all know you will climb this mountain to the top -- it will just take time and fortitude. You will be an inspiration to others as you take that climb; you have the physical, mental and spiritual strength to do it, and we so look forward to that time when the summit has been reached.

Don't rush it though, take your time to heal well -- we'll be here waiting for you and hope we can see your smile before too long.

Much love to you & Leah,


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