Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Evening | Todd Update

Before anyone vilifies me for "making Todd work" he was insistent on having a few minutes on his computer.

Anyway, he was doing very well when I saw him today. Good job, Todd, doctors, nurses, Leah, Autumn, Jim, Caleb, Lucky, and the entire support community who are helping him along.

Todd gulped down about a pint of Karen Buckley's excellent chicken soup today. He said, "My God, that's good! I need the recipe!" Karen could you please provide it to the group of people following Todd? The cilantro flavor was what made it.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. When I make the soup again (soon)I will write it down, right now it's only in my head but here is basically what I do. It's just a soup I make for my family when they are sick. It is homemade chicken stock, I used left over roasted chicken that I made the other night(fresh from the amish market), sea salt, pepper, lots of garlic and fresh ginger, chinese parsley(cilantro), a timy bit of soy sauce. Oh, and whatever noodles I have on hand. (Wagon wheels this time but usually just short noodles). I guess the key is good ingredients. Also taste it to see if it's right.

  2. So thankful for your continued healing! We are sending many prayers your way. You spirit is so strong and your mind so bright. May your body be blessed with powerful healing. You have been such a light in my life. Thank you! Much love! Shanti

  3. We are sending you warm wishes every day!

  4. Hey, Todd - I've always thought of you as an amazing guy - you've proved that now. I know you will be well and strong and back out there again before too long. All the best from over here - Perry