Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Update

Todd was in another surgery today to clean and repair the skin on his arm and legs. The doctors have accelerated the schedule of surgeries since his progress has been strong. The past surgeries have been successful, though the MRSA bacteria that is prevalent in hospitals may still be an issue.

The physical therapists and doctors are waiting for the rest of the skin grafting to take before we will see how the left arm comes along (at the moment, Todd cannot lift it). The consensus at the moment is that if the bicep muscle gets more time to repair, the nerves may gain more traction, but it is really too early to tell. Since he can wiggle all his left fingers, I am optimistic, (then again, I am always optimistic --and given the alternative, optimism rocks).

I will be hanging out with Todd from 4-9pm tomorrow. I will update everyone before the weekend. We will be aiming for progress and good news. Thanks to everyone for their support, it's working.

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