Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday | From Jenn B

Todd's surgery went well yesterday, although he was in a lot of pain afterwards. They did some skin grafting. It sounds like he was in less pain today (this is all relative--the slightest movements cause him inconceivable amounts of pain). The jury is still out about his left arm, so please keep praying for him and sending him positive energy! More surgery is scheduled for Friday.

Yesterday they said his MRSA infection was smaller than they thought, which is good, but today when they changed his bandages they found that some of his other wounds are infected as well, which is bad. So far I think this causes setbacks but can be overcome--as soon as they get him out of that MRSA-ridden hospital anyway!!! Based on my limited understanding I think he'll be in there another 2-3 weeks. Otherwise he seems about the same--helpless and heart-breaking. Leah is still spending about 8 hours a day by his side.

Also food is still welcome, especially meaty delicousness for Todd! Thanks a million to Pete and Kate for the mountain of grub! They were both totally psyched about it and hope they can thank you personally soon!


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  1. Chris,

    Thank you so much for posting these updates! We are still thinking non-stop of Todd and wishing him the best!

    We loved the video, and felt even more connected to him!

    We can not wait for the day he's released from teh hospital to celebrate his recovery!

    Isabel Tumblin:o)