Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on the Crime

Regarding the Prince of Petworth post on the hit and run.

David Tumblin Said:

All, I am glad to see this post. I live on the corner where the hit-and-run occured. My wife was first out of the house as I dialed 911, and she witnessed Todd being dragged under the car. Two female witnesses ran after the car. We also managed to keep three passengers who jumped out of the car after the crash from running. We are all in contact with MPD’s lead investigator from their major crash division. MPD’s local commander keeps us up-to-date on Todd’s medical condition, on the status of the investigation (information is not reported if there are still active issues), and on a review they are doing of the MPD and fire department response time. While 911 and MPD and fire records show a reasonable response time, many of us are now accustomed to a near instant and overwhelming response that we feel we didn’t see the night of the hit-and-run.

The overwhelming response of the neighborhood reaffirms how wonderful our community is, even when responding to tragedy. I will share what information I have with Todd’s friends. E-mail me at

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