Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Status

I spoke with Jim today around 9am; Todd is stable after the second surgery yesterday. The doctors continue to remove gravel from his right leg, and at the moment that is the main area of concern because the damage is so severe. He will have more surgery today.

This morning, he tapped on his bed with his foot and the nurse was able to communicate with him. She said that after asking him a few different questions, he indicated that he's doing OK and "bored," which I took as an excellent sign that his brain and personality are well intact.

Leah and Autumn are with him now, and have been visiting with him for over an hour.

The police recovered the vehicle that hit him. No more information on the crime has been released.

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  1. I'm trying to reach anyone who's at the hospital now and my contact list is all outdated. please to txt me their cellphone numbers when you get a chance?

    I've been praying hard and feeling kind of noxious. Thanks for the update, the positive news are a relief!

    thanks Son