Monday, June 28, 2010

Mike | Man of Stealth

Only Leah and Autumn have been permitted to see Todd so far, and even Lucky (Todd's mom) has taken a number to see him next.

How then did Mikey B find himself having a brief conversation with Todd this afternoon then? Mike seems to have connections everywhere.

After being told he had broken the rules, Mike reported that Todd looked much better than he expected: eyes wide open, looking around, wiggling his feet and acknowledging Mike with nods or shaking his head. Mike felt encouraged by Todd's appearance and said Todd looked as if he were fit enough to get up and walk away.

Anyway, the doctors have firmly requested that no more visitors try to infiltrate the ICU to visit him, he's just not strong enough for visitors yet.

...but Mike, thanks for the good news. Keep the positive vibes heading Todd's way everyone.

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