Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday June 27 | Todd Update

Today went a little better.

The physician who initially accepted Todd’s mangled body into the trauma unit was surprised to see his quick progress. The measures to regulate his heart have been removed so it can go on its own and the assistance to his lungs has been ratcheted down also. The surgery yesterday to repair his right leg seemed to go well, and he is in surgery again now to address other issues of his arms.

He is still facing serious obstacles with grafting skin and the risk of possible infection, but the immediate danger of his system giving out entirely seems to be subsiding. Fortunately his head and spine seem to be OK and there has been no mention of possible paralysis or cognitive damage. Last night he woke up briefly to see Leah in his room, which must have been an enormous comfort to him.

Leah and Todd have had half a dozen friends and family arrive from out of town, and the out-pouring of good wishes arriving by both email and text message are fantastic. Prayer groups have been mobilized and people are really working for him.

So please keep it up everyone, it seems to be working. I know he’ll tell you how much he appreciates it when he’s able.


Saturday June 26th | Todd Update

Todd was involved in a very serious accident on Friday evening. Two blocks from his home, while at a stop sign on his motorcycle he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. He is currently at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC fighting for his life. While his head, face, neck and spine seem to be OK, his ribs lungs and heart took a beating as did his entire right side.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he needs your support now. We all know that if anyone can pull through a tough challenge and inspire people on the other side, Todd can. I will update you when I know more.

More details:

Todd was not just struck by the hit and run driver, but dragged ¾ of a city block by the same vehicle. The details are vague but it is evident the driver would not stop dragging him, and frankly, this makes me want to cry when I think about what he went through during that experience.

I spoke with one of the witnesses yesterday who said that at the time of the incident, they heard someone screaming in the street and ran outside to find him lying directly in front of their row house. He was attempting to get up, but the right front part of his leg was worn to the bone, and his right hand had lost two fingers. Then he fell back to the ground and when paramedics arrived his lungs collapsed. He suffered multiple breaks on multiple ribs, a bruised heart, a broken arm, and lots of loss of skin. When I went back to the scene during the day, I filmed a movie showing a 150-200 ft strip of blood down the middle of the street.

The doctors are trying to save his life by grafting skin, and he has a very tough fight in front of him. They said that yesterday was a good day in surgery considering the severity of his condition.

Naturally Leah is completely shattered. She had seen Todd leave the house just prior to the accident (which occurred two and half blocks away) on Thirteenth and Quincy NW.

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  1. Linda Woods....Joppa, MDJuly 2, 2010 at 2:45 AM

    Omg, this just makes me cry about this horrible accident! The tears are just rolling down my face for him. I don't know Todd, but I do know Tyler and his mother Karen Buckley. We are family thru her daughter Jill. I will definitely keep Todd in my thoughts and prayers, and spread the word as well in hopes that others will pray for him. God bless u Todd, and know that He has everything all in control for u...stay strong!