Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I spoke with Leah and Autumn today around 2:30pm who were both exhausted but upbeat about Todd's overall progress.

Autumn said his daily improvement has been remarkable and that nurses are impressed at his healing rate. She also said his appearance is healthier, and he looks physically stronger than just two days ago. So basically all the news is good today. He's doing well, all things considered.

The doctors have explained to Leah that the less people that enter Todd's room the better, since the risk of infection is the single biggest risk. I am sure I have emphasized this too much already, but Leah asked that I mention again to hold off on visiting until he's out of the ICU.

Thanks for the prayers and good vibes everyone; they're working.

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  1. Hi all,

    I spoke with Lucky last night and she said that Todd is now off the respirator. That is huge because he's able to talk. He is even eating!
    I got to talk to him briefly on Monday night with Leah and Autumn's permission, before I had to come back to LA. He shook his head "yes" when I mentioned doing a marathon with him when he has healed.

    God Bless him and everyone. Please keep those prayers coming. God is working a miracle with how fast he is healing. I'm told the nurses are amazed.