Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From David (ANC 4C06)

Hello Christopher!

We all feel for you, Todd, and his wife.

I was not a witness, as I was calling 911. My wife saw him being dragged underneath the car. Some of the neighbors (two for certain) saw the immediate aftermath and were screaming at the car to not back up. One of them, whose name I don't know, I believe saw the actual impact too. It was certainly violent. His watch was a good 10 feet from the bike, and the visor from the helmet was a good five to 10 feet away as well. We can all be thankful the strap held together. The three girls who fled the car were clearly traumatized as well, but they were working on their story as we worked to keep them from leaving the scene. There was considerable anger directed at them until I could get the neighbors to pull back, so they would stay long enough for MPD. Needless to say, when MPD arrived, they were more focused on Todd's immediate needs than in interviewing witnesses, so it took some time. We have pictures of the bike.

Several neighbors want to send him something to wish for a speedy recovery. I can put you in touch with the witnesses for whom I have contact information.

David Tumblin
Commissioner, Single Member District 4C06
Advisory Neighborhood Commission

w: (571) 227-5045
c: (202) 731-0544

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