Wednesday, June 30, 2010

from Torrie

Just wanted to add my two cents...... we all have known Todd for quite sometime and we know that this guy is a true warrior a fighter! There is no doubt in my mind that he will pull through this with all of our prayers. This is a guy who runs marathons for fun... got married on a mountain. Just keep the faith and keep in your thoughts and prayers everyday and all day. God always takes care of his children... and I know Todd is a true believer in the power of God. Chris... keep sending the updates... thanks.

Much love to all of ya'll... miss you - T

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  1. I saw mention of this blog on Price of Petworth and wanted to add my thoughts and prayers for Todd and his family. I live barely a 10 minute walk from this intersection and just received my motorcycle license this weekend. I really would like to wish Todd a speedy recovery and all the best. Petworth and Columbia Heights seem to have strong communities so do not hesitate to reach out for strength and support should you need it. Best, Collin