Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3rd Surgery | Good

Todd did well on his third procedure according to the nurses. He has finished having the gravel cleaned out of his limbs and they are now putting him back together. The breathing tube was removed yesterday and he can say a few words. The fact that the medical team is very pleased with his progress is a relief to everyone (please remember that visitors are not yet permitted while he remains in the ICU).

Thank you all for all the support and many thanks to all the neighbors on the block of 13th street where the incident occurred, as well as the Prince of Petworth and the ANC commissioner David Tumblin for mobilizing the community. Your accounts, your pictures, and your care for the victim (as well as holding the accessories to the crime until police arrived) show a neighborhood full of character, integrity and compassion.

We'll need to throw a block party when this all over and Todd is back on his feet. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming!

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  1. Dear Chris,

    Thanks for creating this blog, I'm glad to hear that Todd's doing so well under the circumstances.

    Leah if you're reading these posts and need anything from Kate or I, we'll be back in the neighborhood beginning this Friday so don't hesitate to contact me for anything. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.